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Your knockdown rebuild project will be in safe hands with Beachwood. Our team of experts will guide you through the process and manage every step – from demolition to when you get your keys and settle in.

Find out more below, or if you're ready to talk to an expert about your knockdown rebuild, contact us online or call (03) 9770 8806 to discuss your options.


Why a knockdown rebuild?

If you're trying to decide between moving house, renovating your current home or knocking it down to make way for a new one, consider the benefits of a knockdown rebuild.

KDRB Family Brand New Home
Enjoy a new beginning on familiar ground

Knocking down your old home to make way for the new means a fresh start without the worries of selling up and then settling into a new neighbourhood, finding another school for the kids and starting all over again in an unfamiliar place.

Why uproot your life when you can enjoy a brand new home with what you know and love right where you are?


KDRB Meeting
Build a nest egg alongside your home

If you’re looking for a secure investment and your land is suitable, knocking down to subdivide and build one or more investment properties alongside your own home could be your key to a more rewarding future. If you’re in an area where living space is at a premium, renting out your investment will bring a steady stream of income over the years, or there’s the option of selling your investment property for a profit.

KDRB ReceivingKeys
Move into your new home sooner

While a knockdown rebuild project will involve demolition and rebuild costs, these are likely to be a lot less than the costs of buying a new home and relocating, or even renovating your current home.

When you build a new home on a block you already own, you’ll avoid paying stamp duty, your home maintenance costs will likely drop, and because you'll be building a brand new, energy-efficient, modern home, there’s a good chance the overall value of your property will increase.

With Beachwood’s guaranteed build times, you’ll have assurance in completion of your home in line with our guaranteed timeline to settle in and plan your housewarming – no wait times while you sell your old home, and no drawn-out timelines from unwelcome discoveries that seem to go hand in hand with renovating.

KDRB Interior
Start with the freedom of a blank canvas

Opting for a knockdown rebuild over a renovation gives you full flexibility to choose a home design and all the extras that suit your lifestyle now and later on in life.

You won’t be limited by any existing layouts or construction quirks in your current home, and your new home will be future-ready, using the latest in building innovations, which means a 6-star energy rating and smart technology to make life easier.

You'll be able to choose from our Evolve andAscend collections and bring your own style to your home with luxe custom features and finishes from our Harmony Gallery – so you can build the home that’s just right for you.

Your knockdown rebuild with Beachwood

KDRB OnSite with Beachwood

Let us handle the hassles for you. At Beachwood, we specialise in taking the hassles out of home building, and knockdown rebuilds are no exception – we’ve handled many!

Our team of experts can manage the whole process from start to finish. Your knockdown rebuild project will be handled with care, and backed by the years of experience, exceptional quality and service that Beachwood have become known for.

  • Knockdown rebuild knowhow
    Knocking down and rebuilding is a complex process, and we know what aspects of demolition and construction and approvals can cause problems if they’re overlooked.
    So, the choice is yours to engage a contractor and complete your own demolition or leave it all to Beachwood. Alongside organising demolition with our trusted partners, handling permit approvals and, of course, bringing your new-home vision to life, we also make sure all the quality assurance boxes are ticked relating to things like heritage and vegetation protection, council planning requirements, traffic management, asset protection, bushfire management, flood zoning, and existing easements.
  • Premium standard inclusions on your new home
    Our clients enjoy premium standard inclusions across our ranges, as well as a huge range of customisation options.
  • Guaranteed build times
    The sooner you move out of your temporary accommodation and into your new home, the better. With our guaranteed build times, you'll have assurance of your home completion.
  • 6-star energy rating on your new home
    Using high-quality materials and smart technology, we make sure every one of our homes has a 6-star energy rating.
    The more energy efficient your home is, the more you'll save on energy costs in the long run.
  • Peace of mind included in the rebuild
    Your home will be built to the exceptional standard we strive for in all Beachwood homes.
    And with a 12-month warranty period on construction and a 25-year structural guarantee, you can be sure that your home will stand the test of time.

Knockdown rebuild process

Just as every home is unique, every knockdown rebuild can differ too depending on the scale of demolition, the size and features of your land, and the design you choose to become your new home. We’ll comprehensively assess your knockdown rebuild needs and step you through the process, from site inspection to demolition to construction and handing over your keys.

Step 1: Choosing Your New Home
Step 2: Soil Test & Survey
Step 3: Tender Acceptance and Initial Deposit
Step 4: Harmony Gallery Selection Appointment
Step 5: Contract Signing & Balance of 5% Deposit
Step 6: Permit Approvals & Unconditional Finance
Step 7: Demolition and site clearing
Step 8: Construction
Step 9: Settlement and Handover
Step 10: Aftercare, 12 Month Warranty & 25 Year Structural Guarantee

Finding the right home for your land

Explore the possibilities for your new home across our Evolve and Ascend ranges, with customisable home designs to suit even the trickiest blocks.

KDRB Ascend Facade


With plenty of room to move, unexpected luxuries, contemporary design with flexibility built in, and light-filled open-plan living, our Evolve range caters for the needs of today’s busy lifestyles and has the extra touches you’ve been looking for in your next home. Broaden your horizons with a home that’s built for modern family living. 
Explore Evolve Homes



Our flagship collection combines sophisticated design with luxurious features, and accents tailored to reflect your personal style. Architecturally inspired with an extensive range of standard inclusions and detailing, our Ascend homes are innovatively designed to balance stylish practicality and spacious, luxury living. Create a home that’s uniquely yours. 
Explore Ascend Homes

Knockdown rebuild FAQ's

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Who arranges the demolition & site clearing of my old house?
Do I need Council approval to demolish?
How much will it cost to demolish my old home?

Not sure where to begin or need more information about a knockdown rebuild?

Contact us online or call (03) 9770 8806 to discuss your knockdown rebuild needs. Our expert building and design consultants are ready to answer all your questions.

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