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Apr . 27 . 23
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The Hub of the home

Whether you love to cook up a storm or your more of a takeaway person, your kitchen is the Hub of the home, and it is the place where most people will take their guests first. How you design and decorate your Kitchen is very important, from different storage solutions to the colour pallet selected. The kitchen is going to be a space where you spend a lot of time, and you want to be happy with what you choose.

Colour and texture

Choosing the right colour palette for your kitchen requires consideration of various factors, such as the surrounding elements like flooring and wall colour. You'll also need to decide how many colours and textures to incorporate into your kitchen.

You can find a variety of colour combinations throughout the Beachwood display homes, from the beautiful Jarrah 35 which has a stunning all white kitchen with accents of brass through the cabinetry handles and tapware, to the Hamptons inspired Kitchen in the Lorne 40 which features a stunning Laminex 'Pewter' island bench.

Featured elements

What makes the Island bench the hero piece and wow factor of the Kitchen in the Lorne 40 is the design of the island bench, with the profiled end panels and feature colour of the island neutralizing the remaining cabinetry.

Other ways of incorporating a ‘feature element’ in the kitchen space is by accenting the Kitchen splashback. To achieve this you can either use coloured, textured or patterned tile, glass, or stone for the splashback. If you choose to use a tiled splashback, this can act as a prominent Design feature and you can also create a patterned/textured tile look in the way the tiles are laid, for example, different ways to lay subway tiles are herringbone, brickbond, vertical stack and cross hatch.

The timber look

If you love timber look cabinetry and want to incorporate this into your kitchen there are so many ways you can do so. Visit our Wave 22 display home to see how timber-look cabinetry can be incorporated in your kitchen. Incorporate warmth into your kitchen by using neutral colors for the splashback, benchtop, and base cabinetry, and adding timber-look cabinetry to the overheads to draw attention to that section. Another way you can incorporate timber into a kitchen is through open shelving, either positioned next to your overhead cabinetry or to the side/rear of your island bench.


Dark kitchens

If darker, moodier, industrial style kitchens are your thing look no further then our Norfolk 28 and Malibu 25 display homes. Both these display homes showcase different ways you can create a dark coloured kitchen scheme. The Norfolk display home showcases a stunning concrete look benchtop which is paired with two different grey cabinetry colours, and showcases a textured mosaic tiled splashback. We have also incorporated darker timber open shelving which adds a touch of warmth to this scheme. There are many other ways to utilise darker colours into the kitchen including textured cabinetry finishes such as Laminex charcoal in the 'Nuance' impressions finish which we have used on the island bench in the Merbau home. You can create an ultra sleek and modern kitchen with an all-black colour scheme. When creating this look, Laminex absolute matt black is my favourite finish to use as you will not see any of those pesty fingerprints on your cabinetry!

Kitchen storage

Kitchen storage is also very important to consider, there is nothing worse than not having enough storage, or having to crawl into the back of a cupboard to find something. You need to think about how you will utilise the space and what would benefit you most i.e. lots of drawers for easy access, pull out pantry units and spice racks. There are so many options for storage solutions these days and all you need to do is work out which ones will benefit you the most.

In conclusion, your kitchen is a crucial part of your home, and Beachwood display homes offer various design and style inspirations to help you create a unique yet cohesive kitchen. From colour palette to storage solutions, every detail counts to make your kitchen the perfect hub for your household.


By Shelley Herbert
Interior Designer, Beachwood Homes



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