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Bathrooms: A Place of Style and Relaxation

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Apr . 27 . 23
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The perfect sanctuary

Let us create your oasis! A place of relaxation and tranquility. Bathroom’s have evolved drastically throughout recent years, developing from a place of functionality to also incorporating luxury and style. Together, with the right finishes, fixtures, and textures we can create the perfect sanctuary to start your day and to then wind down at the end of a busy day.

By emphasizing textures and materials like marble, stone, timber, and concrete, we can create timeless and neutral bathroom designs. Add a touch of luxury by adding floor to ceiling tiling. Using one large tile with a subtle pattern from the floor to the walls can make the space feel more open and spacious. To add variety to a room, it is common to use different tiles for the floor and walls. Currently on trend we are seeing the use of a full wall feature tile, typically we see this using subway tiles and laying these in different directions. Grout plays an important role in a space as matching it to the tile can create a seamless feel, while contrasting it can make a bold statement and add visual interest to the area.

Introduce warmth

As bathrooms tend to be colder spaces, it is important to introduce warmth through elements such as decorative lighting, plush towels, and greenery. There are many design styles commonly practiced in bathrooms, and our display homes offer a diverse range of bathroom design styles. Our ‘Elwood 33’ is an excellent demonstration of infusing warmth and luxury into a space using an earthy and organic design style. The on-trend terrazzo look tile is complimented using rattan and burnt oranges, with touches of natural timber accents, enhancing the overall effect.

Similarly, our 'Wave 22' brings an elegant ambience with its light and airy design style. Lighter coloured wall and floor tiles have been paired with a warm bright white benchtop and cozy timber cabinetry, resulting in a welcoming homely bathroom. If elegance and opulence is more your style, blonde timbers paired with warm white benchtops and complimented with soft rounded tapware and mirrors, the Hampton’s inspired ‘Lorne 40’ is the design style for you. Contrasting to the above, our ‘Merbau 25’ shows a luxe and moody design style. The use of deep floor to ceiling tiles and dark black cabinetry paired with touches of greenery welcomes you to your haven.

Select the right fixtures

Selecting the right fixtures, such as basins and tapware, is an effortlessly, yet cost effective way to enhance the overall aesthetic of a bathroom. The right tapware selection can help to transform a space and add to its design style. There are various tapware colours available, including matte black, brushed nickel, gunmetal, and brushed brass, it is important to select the colour that is going to best enhance the space. As seen in the ‘Norfolk 28’, matte black tapware perfectly compliments the luxurious and moody design style. Additionally, the above counter basin in matte black acts as a strong feature in the space, while undermount basins are great for achieving a sleek and seamless design. Showers are also an essential element in bathroom design, and the ‘Norfolk 28’ showcases a luxurious wall to wall shower with a frameless shower screen, twin ceiling- mounted shower heads, and hand- held brackets, providing a retreat like experience. The size and shape of mirrors in a bathroom play an important role of enhancing a design style and complimenting the tapware. Back lit mirrors are currently on trend and are an excellent choice of achieving a modern and stylish look.

Keep it functional

While ensuring your bathroom is aesthetically pleasing, it is also important that your bathroom is functional for everyday use. A minimalist and uncluttered approach is recommended for bathroom decor. Storage is a very important element to add into bathroom and can be achieved through vanities; cupboards and drawers, shaving cabinets behind your mirror or as featured in our ‘Wave 22’, feature shelving to the side of the mirror. Nieche storage is also a great option to store personal items or showcasing décor and can be incorporated in the shower or above the bathtub. Lighting is also an important element to consider when it comes to functionality. While natural lighting is always desirable, it is not always available, and is dependent on the floor plan. Task lighting is necessary for effective lighting for everyday tasks. Additionally, feature lighting can elevate design style and ambience within the bathroom.

Designing the perfect bathroom to suit your lifestyle and create an oasis requires careful consideration. From the choice of fixtures and fittings to the functionality of storage and lighting, every detail plays a crucial role to achieving your desired outcome.

By Stephanie Steer
Interior Designer, Beachwood Homes



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