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Tips for adding colour to your home

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May . 12 . 23

Are you craving a pop of colour in your home but unsure where to start? Look no further! This guide is here to help you introduce a splash of vibrancy to your space. Whether you prefer bold and bright shades or muted and calming tones, we have the tips and tricks to help you bring your colour vision to life.

Use Soft-Furnishing & Decor

If you're someone who likes to switch up your decor and add a pop of colour every now and then, using soft furnishings and decor is a great option for you. By incorporating colour into your styling, you can easily change it up whenever you feel like your space needs a refresh.

For instance, as the weather gets cooler and the leaves start to fall, you might be inspired to switch up your colour palette. You could opt for warm nudes, terracotta tones, and burnt oranges to add a cozy feel to your home. By simply changing your cushions, curtains, and other soft furnishings, you can transform your space and create a welcoming ambiance for the autumn season.

Experience the perfect balance of calm and vibrancy with our 'Portsea 28' display home at Waterford Rise Estate in Warragul. Its neutral base palette, featuring soft timbers, white, and grey hues, creates a flawless backdrop for introducing pops of colour through stylish accents and décor. The overall effect is a serene atmosphere that also allows for versatility in decorating. In addition to the serene base palette, this home incorporates pops of orange and berry pinks in its artwork and floral arrangements, adding a touch of liveliness to the space.

Showcase colour in your favourite space

If you have a long-term love for a particular colour and want to infuse it into your home, consider incorporating it into a space where you spend a lot of time. This way, the colour will have a more permanent presence in your home, allowing you to enjoy its beauty and appeal on a daily basis. A great example of showcasing your favourite colour is through your cabinetry in your kitchen or bathroom. In our 'Norfolk 28' display home's kitchen at Minta Estate in Berwick, we've used the beautiful soft green Laminex colour called 'Baye leaf', paired with the elegant 'Black Birchply' that boasts a subtle timber grain and the stunning 'Monte Bianco' Quantum Quartz stone Benchtop & Splashback.

This kitchen not only displays a great use of colour but also incorporates a delightful blend of texture and pattern. The design of the kitchen creates an engaging visual experience that extends beyond the use of colour, as the textures and patterns of the cabinetry and benchtop add depth and dimension to the space.


In addition to using colour in the cabinetry, the designers have incorporated the same feature colour throughout the wet areas of this home. Specifically, the Beaumont Tiles 'Union Green' subway tile has been used above the ledges in both the bathroom and ensuite. This pop of green is paired with 'Rome Dark Grey' tiles, which provide a perfect neutral backdrop to enhance the colour's impact. Overall, this combination creates a stylish and harmonious look that can be adapted to suit any home decor.

Transform Your Space with Wallpaper & Feature Walls

Another less permanent way of adding colour to a space is through feature walls, either using paint or wallpaper.

In our 'Lorne 40' display home at Meridian Estate in Clyde North, we used paint to incorporate pops of blue throughout the decor, including a feature cladded wall in the master bedroom painted in the soothing Dulux colour 'Settler'. The front door is also painted in a bold blue colour, keep in mind that when choosing a feature colour for your front door, it's essential to consider the surrounding colour of your home. Fortunately, paint is easy to change, so you can always adjust your choice if needed.

Adding colour to your home is a wonderful way to make it truly your own, and with an array of options and shades to choose from, the possibilities are endless. As colour is a personal choice, only you can decide which hues resonate with you. To spark your creativity and discover colours that match your style, take the time to browse inspirational images on platforms such as Instagram or in magazines. Enjoy the process and have fun selecting your perfect colour palette!

By Shelley Herbert
Interior Designer, Beachwood Homes



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